ZEN Flash File By BuntyGSM Mobile Repairing Institute

ZEN M45 
  Download ZEN M45 {MSTAR (MSW85xx) NAND_TC58NWM9S3B_2} Smk.rar from FileFactory.com

Download ZEN M72 {MSTAR (MSW85xx) NUMONYX_M58LR128KC} Smk Cable - 05b from FileFactory.com

ZEN M72Touch
Download ZEN M72Touch {MSTAR (MSW85xx) NUMONYX_M58LR128KC} Smk Cable - 05b from FileFactory.com

Download ZEN_CG555_{MT6225 [TOSHIBA]_TC58FVM7TDD} Smk from FileFactory.com

Download ZEN_M111_-_SPD_[SC6600L7 (NOR_S29WS128P)]_Smk Cable_-_05b_ _1_button from FileFactory.com

Download ZEN_M16_-_SPD_[SC6600L2_(NOR_M36C0W6050T0)]_Smk_Cable_-_05B_COM from FileFactory.com

Download ZEN_M20_-_SPD_[SC6600L2 (NOR_ST_M36C0W6050T0)] Smk from FileFactory.com

Download ZEN_S1_{00408003_MSTAR_(MSW85xx)_NAND_TC58NWM9S3B_2}_Smk.rar from FileFactory.com

Download ZEN_X405_{MT6223 [TOSHIBA]_TV00560002EDGB} Smk from FileFactory.com

Download ZEN_X409_{MSTAR (MSW85xx)_NUMONYX_M58LR128KC}_Smk Cable_-_05b from FileFactory.com

Download ZEN_X410i_-_SPD_[SC6600L2_(NOR_M36C0W6050T0)]_Smk_Cable_-_05b___green_button from FileFactory.com

Download ZEN_X430_{MT6223 [TOSHIBA]_TC58FVM7TDD} Smk Cable_-_04a from FileFactory.com


Tablet PC Repairing Course

Duration:- 1 Months
Time:- 11 Hours Daily Period 9:00AM To 8:00PM

Course Fess :- (Total Fees Rs. 6,000/-)

Free In Course
 Books
 Tool Kits
 Multi Meter
 Software:----------
 Downloading Software for All Latest Mobile Like 6600,7610,3230,3250,
N70, N90, N80, N91, N93, N95, E60, E61 and Sony Ericsson, Motorola And
Samsung Mobile Software
 Unlocking Software
 Flashing Software
 All Type Converting Software
Jumper & Diagram CD & DVD

Course Details
Mobile Hardware & Software + Computer Hardware & Software Installation & Assembling + Networking +N Computing +CCTV Camera Installation + Tablet PC Repairing

Mobile Hardware:
Fundamentals of Mobile, Introduction of Basic Electronic, Difference
between all Mobile like Series 60, Series 60,3rd edition, Series 40,
Series 40,3rd edition, DTC3 Mobile, Communicator Series and other
Models, What is Resistance, Type of Resistance, Determining the value
of a Resistance, What is Capacitor, Transformer, Coil and Diode etc.
What is Diode Work, How we check Diode, Mobile Block Diagram Reading.

Fault Finding, Checking/Testing of Mobile with Multi Meter and How to
Change part of Mobile, Jumring of Mobile, Make Re bole IC, Repairing
of Mobile.
Introduction of Computer, What is Computer Assembling, Different Type
of Microprocessors, Motherboard & CPU Socket, Learn How to Assemble a
Computer With Different type part of Computer like SMPS, CPU, RAM, CD
Rom. Floppy Disk, Monitor, Modem, Mouse, Key Board, Microprocessor and
LAN Card etc. parts. Step by Step Computer Assembling & BIOS Setup

Mobile Software:-
 Downloading:- Deferent Type of Mobile like Nokia, Samsung, Sony
Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Fly, Chines Mobile, I-Pods, Mp4 etc.
 Unlocking:- How does Unlocking of Mobile like Nokia, Samsung, Sony
Ericsson, Motorola etc.
 Flashing:- How does Flashing of Mobile and in which condition you
have Flash any Mobile
 Converter:- How does converting any song’s for different type
Mobile, I-Pod and MP4, Different type of Converters are ( Smart Movie,
MMF, Wave Tone, MIDI to MMF, MP4, 3GP, AVI, RM to MP3, Video to Mp3,
Cutting Video and Mp3 Songs etc)
Computer Installation:-
What is Operating System, Booting Concepts & Operating System,
Partitioning, Windows 98 and Drivers Installation, Installation of
Office 2003, Pagemaker7 and Fonts Installation, Tally 4.5 &5.4,
Windows XP Visual Studio Installation, Macafee or Avast Anti Virus
Installation, Win Zip, Real Player, Acrobet Reader, Jet Audio
Installation and Installation of Mobile Converting Software and
Installation of Ufs3 Mobile Flashing Software

And Mobile Unlocking & Flashing Device Information and How Does Use it
Also Learn in Mobile Repairing Course

Device Detail Are

1. UFS HWK Original :- Supported Mobile Company
Sony Ericsson

2. SpiderMan Device :- Supported Mobile Company
All Chines Mobile Like Macromax,
Alkatel, Sigmatel, MP4,
Bluethooth, Musice Player, Chines
Nokia, Chines Samsung,
Chines Motorola, Chines Sony etc.

3. JAF Device:- Supported Mobile Company
All Latest Nokia Mobile Like Nokia
1200, 1202, 1203, 1207, 1208,
1209, 1650, 2600c, 3110c, 5200,
5300, 5700, 6300, 5210c, 6600c,
7210c, 1661, 1662, N95, N96, N97,
E60, E65, E70, E71, E80, etc.

4. MT Tool:- Supported Mobile Company
All Nokia Mobile it's Best for All
BB5 Mobile Like All Nokia N & E
Series Like N70, N72, N73, N80,
N81, N90, N92, N93, N95, N96,
N97, E60, E65, E70, E71, E80 etc......

5. SE Tool:- Supported Mobile Company
All Sony Ericsson Mobile

6. Z3X Box :- Supported Mobile Company
All Samsung Mobile

7. Infinity GSM Device:- Support More Than 928 Company And Support 5590 Model

8. Riff Box:- Support All Samsung HTC, CDMA etc Android Phone & Tablet PC Like HTC Flayer, Samsung Galexy Tab, Huawei, ZTE Tablet Supported

9. Infinity CDMA:- Support All CDMA Mobile Unlock & Flash

10. GPG Dragon:- Support ALl China Mobile

11. Volcano :- Support All Latest Chines Mobile

12. MSS Box :- Support All Motorola Mobile
Through of All Device You Have Unlock Mobile And Flash Mobile For Any
Software Problem