MOTO E XT1022 EMMC Repair With Guide

Follow Step by Step:

1.Download Rom files (Extract to in your PC)and Pinout image,

Solder Pinout carefully on board and eMMC adopter and insert adopter in easy jtag box,

3.Open Easy jtag tool goto eMMC Tool section,

4.Press Detect eMMC Card after detect eMMC Tick all eMMC Regions at once,

Select Rom1 where are Extract Rom files,

6.When select Rom1 easy jtag was auto select all roms,
7.After select roms Press Write all ROMs,
8.After write roms disconnect board from adopter and normally flash your mobile with tool or cmd process.

Rom Files Download Here: MOTO XT1022 ROMS

MOTO E XT1022 EMMC Repair with Guide