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ACDSee Pro 2 v2.5.358 Incl Keymaker

ACDSee Pro 2 v2.5.358 Incl Keymaker
Discover ACDSee Pro Photo Manager 2.5, the workflow platform that's custom designed for professional photographers. View, manage, edit and publish photos with the ultimate in precision and control. ACDSee Pro 2.5 comes with all the state-of-the-art tools demanded by professional photographers. Acquire images, leverage metadata, apply non-destructive and pixel-level image editing, and manage your backups seamlessly. You’ll enjoy perfected shots, organized files and a workflow that's optimized for your needs. ACDSee Pro streamlines your workflow and increases productivity.
It empowers you to view, process, edit, organize, catalog, publish, and archive your photo collections with precision and control. View your RAW images with lightning-fast image previews and support for most RAW formats from DSLR cameras. Get support for IPTC core fields with XMP. Shift time stamps on multiple images at once. Compare up to four images side by side. Known as the best workflow manager for today’s photographers, ACDSee Pro has grown to become a valuable tool for quickly processing the ever-expanding variety of RAW formats from digital camera manufacturers, especially for the new generation of DSLRs. With a distinguished pedigree as the Internet’s first and fastest image browser, ACDSee has helped photographers view, edit and share images quickly and easily for more than 14 years.
View, sort, cull and compare your photos in a fully customizable interface with
unrivalled speed and ease. Select any thumbnail to see a larger preview, or
double-click to fill the screen. Sift through thousands of shots and identify the
ones you want to keep using one-click Visual Tagging. Compare up to four
images at once in greater detail to select your best shot.

Browse your existing collection instantly. Unlike other photo applications, with
ACDSee Pro 2.5 you don’t need to import files that are already on your system
and connected devices. Catalog and retrieve your photos with flexible tools
custom built for professional photographers. Organize your photo collection
with complete control – access and adjust existing IPTC and EXIF information.
NEW! Embed your own custom metadata, including categories, keywords and
ratings directly into your images' XMP fields. You can even embed data in file
formats that don’t include IPTC or EXIF fields, including PNG, PDF and GIF.
Retrieve photos with spot-on precision. Browse your live folder tree, leverage
your EXIF, IPTC and custom metadata, view images by date or event.

Perfect your images with state-of-the-art non-destructive RAW processing and
advanced pixel-level editing. Take control of every aspect - from white balance
to sharpness. And with background RAW processing, you can continue your
workflow while ACDSee Pro completes your adjustments.

Fine-tune dark and light areas independently using sliders, or with a single click
on the photo - the patent-pending Shadows/Highlights tool actively analyzes
your photo to automatically apply optimal settings. Instantly fix common photo
defects such as blemishes, flares, lens scratches and other imperfections with
the Photo Repair tool. Save time by globally adjusting hundreds of photos at
once with the batch processor. Easily create contact sheets and high-quality
prints with optimized print templates. Share selected shots with your clients
through e-mail, online galleries and beautifully presented slide show.

What’s new in ACDSee Pro Photo Manager 2.5

- Improved Digital Asset Management
- Embed all your metadata
- View more images with UNICODE
- Protect your original images
- Frame your photos
- Show off your photos
- Set your preferences


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