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Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Mobile Security | 5 Mb

Kaspersky Mobile Security Anti-Theft Protection for Your Smartphone! I included the installer for symbian, as well as Windows Mobile...

Anti-Theft Protection
- Remotely blocks or deletes all personal data on your phone if it’s lost or stolen.
- Notifies you with the new phone number if your SIM card is removed.

Anti-Malware Protection
- Blocks unwanted SMS & adware messages.
- Keeps your phone free of malicious programs.
- Prevents your PC from becoming infected when syncing.

What if you left your smartphone in a taxi or on a table in a café? What if it was stolen?
Who would have access to all your contacts, messages, and personal and business files?

Kaspersky Mobile Security is a convenient and easy way to protect your confidential information and block malicious attacks and annoying SMS spam on your smartphone.

Why is it necessary to protect your mobile device? The loss or theft of your phone means that your personal data can end up in the hands of a stranger.
Plus, smartphones can fall victim to malicious attacks while downloading information from the Web, exposing the data on your phone to be stolen or damaged.
And the growth of SMS spam is becoming an increasing nuisance.

Designed by one of the most respected Internet Security Labs in the world, Kaspersky Mobile Security delivers the newest anti-cybercrime technologies directly to mobile devices with reliable anti-theft and anti-malware protection for your smartphone.

Anti-Theft Protection:
To protect personal data stored on your smartphone if lost or stolen, you can block your smartphone or delete files, messages, and your contacts remotely.
You can also find out who’s the “new owner.”

SMS Block – In the event of loss, you can send a “hidden SMS message” to block access to your smartphone until a pre-set password is entered.

SMS Clean – Similar to SMS Block, this will completely clean out your smartphone’s memory and memory cards.

SIM Watch – The SMS Block and SMS Clean functions are only available if a smartphone has the original SIM card installed.
If your phone is stolen, the “new owner” will most likely replace the original SIM card. The SIM Watch will prevent the thief from accessing your data without the original SIM card in the device.
If the original SIM card is replaced with a new one, SIM Watch automatically sends to you the new telephone number of the device without the thief’s knowledge.

Anti-Malware Protection:
SMS Spam Messages – Intrusive SMS messages containing adware can be a nuisance.

Kaspersky Mobile Security can block SMS messages sent from unwanted or incorrect addresses as well as SMS messages with inappropriate content.
Add phone numbers of known spam sources, incorrect numbers or unwanted text to a blacklist for blocking. Add your contact list to a safe white list.
In the Symbian version, MMS messages are also filtered.

Malicious Phone Attacks – Mobile devices malware can delete or steal confidential information, send mass SMS and MMS messages from infected phones, dial premium rate numbers without your knowledge, and transfer malicious code to a PC once a connection is established.

Kaspersky Mobile Security provides real-time anti-malware scanning of all incoming files and connections to keep you free of malicious programs.
You can pre-set the best time for scanning to be performed automatically. If an infected object is detected, it is stored in the quarantine folder or deleted.


Bijendra Narsinghani

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