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Mixman StudioXPro 5.0.98

Mixman StudioXPro 5.0.98
Mixman StudioXPro enables you to create professional quality music on your PC.
Take your musical ideas from concept to completion with this integrated suite of remixing tools. The patented Mixman remix engine allows you to combine individual sound elements and perform them in real-time.
Audio experimentation is fast and fun regardless of musical style. Includes 5 powerful "Studios" that give you control over every aspect of your music: Remixing Studio, Recording Studio, FX Studio, Editing Studio, and the new Track Maker that lets you build your own tracks. It's time to take your music to the next level.

The Remixing Studio in XPro has all the features of regular Studio and StudioPro and a lot more. (See the product pages for those products for basic functionality)

XPro adds the concept of 'platters'. These are four groups of 8 tracks each, for a total of 32 Tracks you can load. This is twice the amount of DM2, and Pro. You can save any platter as a set. Load 4 different platters and use the cross-fader to move continuously from one to another.

Auto-W.A.R.P. allows you to set various patterns and control W.A.R.P auto-matically. Punch-in Record allows you to Record in real-time, and then go back over and over to make various additons or changes. You can re-record just the W.A.R.P, or any specific track.

Voice Overdub allows you to make a Remix in the Remixing Studio, and then hear it while adding vocals or some other live recording on top of it. Add a rapper, or singer on top of your grooves. You can adjust levels, set input sensitivity and then add processing to the overdub. Whne ready, save for Export. This is ONLY available with XPro.

Like Pro this studio also allows you create simple samples to add back into your mix in the Remixing Studio or for use elsewhere. Plug in any compatible microphone to your sound card or use the line in input for a keyboard, mixer or other outside sound source. You can even grab a bit off a CD and sample it in the Recording Studio. Once the file is named and saved you can then trigger it like any other Mixman track (TRK).

Mixman Tracks are more responsive and flexible, but there are settings to help make your samples work well. For maximum control, take a look at our product called Zero-X TrackCreator which allows you to edit any sample you create and turn it into a Mixman TRK file.

32 Tracks, playback in Remix and Editor
Punch-in/Punch-out Recording in Remix
Auto-WARP, other WARP selections
Scratching, use the mouse to scratch
Track Maker Studio, step sequencer for making TRK files; use the powerful "Explode a TRK" feature
Over-Dub Recording, record a "rap" or sing on top of your mix add FX, adjust levels before Exporting the composite
Compatible with the DM2 hardware controller

Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
Pentium III, 450 mHz or faster
65 MB RAM (128 preferred)
16-bit DirectX compatible soundcard with most current drivers
DirectX 7.0 or higher
Internet connection to validate authentication
Tested on Vista. Vista Compatible.


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