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NOD32 Update Viewer 3.08.2

NOD32 Update Viewer 3.08.2 | 5,08 Mb

NOD32 Update Viewer allows you to expand the functionality and improve the reliability of obtaining updates for antivirus ESET NOD32, EAV and ESS. The program actually solves all the problems with the updating of the popular anti-virus database, and thus make it free without breaking.

Expands functionality and raises reliability of reception of upgrades for antivirus ESET NOD32® EAV and ESS.

Possibilities of the program:
* Supported languages: Russian, English, Ukrainian (translation from PAShYCh), Bulgarian (mirgogo), Chech (Davis)
* Shows contents of upgrades on all servers of company Eset and their mirrors.
* Shows versions of real files (not from update.ver).
* Checks and refreshes the list of servers Eset.
* Compares contents of upgrades to yours NOD32 and a current mirror (new - green; become outdated - red).
* Shows, on what servers is Trial upgrade.
* Restores names of files at customisation on mirror NOD32.
* Creates a mirror with restoring of names.
* Creates a mirror on real files of servers Eset.
* Creates a mirror with any accessible language versions of program components v2.7.
* In a mode авто, each hour checks and refreshes a mirror, with exhaustive search of passwords and removal become outdated (it is started in systray).
* Unitary starts auto-upgrade (with parametre "auto" in the command line).
* Before mirror upgrade searches for upgrades in installed NOD32 (optimises the traffic).
* Creates a mirror on installed NOD32 (with parametre "this" in the command line).
* Creates триальное a mirror (for fans).
* Valuably switches НОД from a commercial mode in триальный and it is return.
* Clocks a current mirror with FTP mirrors.
* Starts the appropriate external program after upgrade of any mirror.
* Tests servers for presence of upgrades, with their subsequent addition in the list of mirrors.
* Checks passwords on possibility of downloading of various versions of NOD32 installers (Home, Business...).
* Checks passwords from text (ANSI) or DBF a file.
* Checks the termination of period of validity of passwords (new keys ESET brings in base with опазданием).
* Saves current passwords in text and DBF files.
* Downloads any accessible versions of NOD32 installers (Home, Business...).
* Adds components from NOD32 v2.7 installers (the right button on the first line)
* Transfers a name and the password from NOD32 in NOD32view and it is return.
* Supports operation through Proxy Server (there can be problems with FTP).
* Works with mirrors on HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.
* Works with mirrors with authorisation (... tp://usernameassword@host...).
* Works without NOD32.
* Works under Windows Vista.
* DrWEBview.dll Unit, creates a mirror and refreshes bases CureIt (DrWEB).
* AVZview.dll Unit, creates a mirror and refreshes bases AVZ.
* KAVview.dll Unit, creates a mirror and refreshes bases AVPTool.


Bijendra Narsinghani

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