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Soft Agenda Saver v2.00 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed

AgendaSaver is a multi-functional screen saver. It will show you your new Emails, Appointments and To Do’s. AgendaSaver will also let you know if you have a missed call, a new SMS or a new voice mail. Choose the privacy screen mode in case you don’t want to show this information to anyone in the room.

Main features:
- Shows sender and subject of the last new emails on the chosen email accounts.
- Shows your appointments and to do’s.
- Missed Calls, New Emails, New Voice Mails, Unread SMS and Locked Keypad indicator.
- Shows Time and Date.
- Shows your phone’s battery level.
- Privacy Screen Mode (available only in case the keypad is locked). The normal screen will show you only the Time, Date and the number of Missed – Calls, new SMSs, newVoice Mails and Mails. In case you want to see the details of the new emails, appointments and to do’s just press the center d-pad key.
- Inverted Colors Mode. Choose this mode to see the AgendaSaver information with white text on black background instead of black text on white background.


3250,5320,5500,5630,5700,5710,5730,6 110,6120,6121, 6122,6124, 6210,6220,6290,6650,6700slid,6710,6720 ,6730,6760,6 790,6788,6788i;
C5,E5,E50,E51,E52,E55,E60,E61,E61i ,E62,E63,E65,E66 ,E70,E71,E71x,E72,E75,E90;
N71,N73,N75,N76,N77,N78,N79,N80,N8 1,N82,
N83,N85,N86,N91,N92,N93,N93i,N95,N 96;
5800XM,N97,N97 mini,X6,5230,5235,5530XM,C6



Bijendra Narsinghani

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