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Microsoft Word Shortcut Command's

I will write some use full trick for using of Microsoft word and u learn this trick and operate Microsoft word. and I write some shortcut command's for using Microsoft word
you read this post and update your information.

Shortcut Command's Works

Ctrl+N For make a new document
Ctrl+O For open a document
Ctrl+W For close a document
Ctrl+S For save a document
Ctrl+P For print a document
Alt+F4 For closing of Microsoft word
Ctrl+Z For undo or recover your deleted item
Ctrl+Y For repeats your work
Ctrl+X For cutting of matter (this command work after select matter)
Ctrl+C For copy of matter (this command work after select matter)
Ctrl+V For past of matter (only copied and cut matter)
Del For delete a matter
Ctrl+F For fine a matter
Ctrl+H For replace a matter
Ctrl+G For go to
Ctrl+F1 For Hide Task Pane and Unhidden of Task Pane
Ctrl+role up mouse and down for in zoom and out zoom
Ctrl+K For make a hyper linked
F7 For Cheek spelling and grammar
Shift+F3 For all Character all Caps (after select Character)
Ctrl+Alt+C © For a Copyright Symbol
Ctrl+Alt+R ® Fro a reserved Symbol
Ctrl+Alt+T ™ For trade mark Symbol
(c) © For a Copyright Symbol
(r) ® Fro a reserved Symbol
(tm) ™ For trade mark Symbol
Ctrl++ For write H2O 2 in subscript
Ctrl+Shift++ For write X2 2 in superscript
Ctrl+B For bold of matter
Ctrl+I For Italic of matter
Ctrl+U For underline of matter

Bijendra Narsinghani

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