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LG KP500 IMEI Change Without Any Box

1st if you want unlock:
step by step to unlock KP500

1- instal lg drivers, i think that this one is enough:

then connect mob with usb cable without battery,sim or any memory(mmc) it will find new hardware, let it install drivers auto

after install drivers remove phone from usb port

2- donwload this:

extract and put the file "KP500.flb" in c:\

3- open the software KP500-Utils-EN.exe

Press O ( Backup STATIC_EEP...)

then ENTER

then write: \\.\USB1 and press ENTER

then write: C:\KP500.flb and press ENTER

then write static_eep and press ENTER

then connect phone to usb and wait, it should create 2 files in Lg-utils folder, one with name STATIC_EEP with 80kb and other STATIC_EEP.big

delete the STATIC_EEP.big file

and copy STATIC_EEP file to c:\

4- then open again KP500-Utils-EN.exe software if you close it

write P (Unlock) then ENTER

then write c:\STATIC_EEP and ENTER

unlock code will appear

now turn on the phone, type 2945#*71001#

enter in UNLOCK SIM then NETWORK LOCK then it will ask you for code, type the code you got then phone unlocked

(to create KPXXX.flb files you should read this thread till step 3)
(after step 3 you dont need to read more, you have one or two .flb files then all you need to do is pick the bigger .flb file and copy to c:\ and

rename it to KPxxx.flb then unlock the same way as KP500 instructions


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Bijendra Narsinghani

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