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For Implanting Genuine Authorized IMEI numbers on to handsets with bad/non-genuine IMEI numbers in India
Authorized by Mobile Standard Alliance India (MSAI)
We are authorized by MSAI for identifying Service partners for IMEI amnesty Program.

MSAI is exclusively authorized agency in India by international GSM Association to do IMEI Amnesty program .MSAI is working with Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) and Department of Telecom (DOT) to finalize the process for implanting the genuine IMEI numbers on to the handsets which are carrying bad/non genuine IMEI numbers as one time Amnesty Program.
The Service partners have to follow the process and guideline for this program as prescribed by Department of Telecommunication on advice of the security agencies.



IMEI AMENSTY PROGRAM is onetime program meant for implanting genuine authorized IMEI numbers on to handsets with bad/duplicate/non-genuine IMEI numbers across India through MSAI`s Channel Partners.

Asian Electronics are authorized by MSAI to appoint service points in India.

Tools Required:-

  1. Computer with latest configuration
  2. Printer
  3. Scanner
  4. Web Cam
  5. Any Pinfinder Box for Chineese Forum
  6. Broadband Internet

After getting Authorization for Service Point we will give online client based software with your secret Username/Password.
You need to use Pin Finder Box or Spiderman as an interface and by using alternate comport you will able to write the IMEI with that online software.
The customer will be charged for providing this service (IMEI Number is free of charge). And your service charges for providing this service will be communicated to you before the start of the programme.

How to Write IMEI:-

It’s very simple just connect the Spiderman box with pc and open our online software, use alternate comport on spider and connect the cable on phone and see these steps:-

  • Enter your Username/Password
  • Press Login
  • Press Read info
  • Press Write IMEI (software automatically select existing IMEI and write it on the phone from database.)

What you need from End user:-

  • One Photograph
  • One ID Proof with Photograph

How to Register For Service Point:-

We will inform you through our web based SMS service when registration is started. Open our webpage and after checking all authorized papers (we put all authorized documents there which are the proof that we authorized by Department of Telecommunications (DOT) & Cellular Operators Association of INDIA (COAI) read it first) and after that fill the registration form. We will send you confirmation about your appointment through our web based SMS Service.
After appointment we will issue you software and its Access (username/password) it’s temporary use only and service charges( Licence Fee for use of software and services) will be paid customer . Service point will be reimbursed for providing this service to the customer. The access to the Master Software will be withdrawn after the completion of this programme.

End User Charges & Service Point Coast:-

Please note We are only providing service for replacing bad IMEI numbers with Genuine IMEI numbers directly to end consumers.

Please Note: - We have very short time period to complete the target so we need hard working guys, either we have the right to appoint another service point in your city (in case you are not able to complete the target with in time limit).

1. MSAI is the only exclusive agency to issue IMEI numbers for amnesty programme. Anyone else issuing IMEI numbers without approval from MSAI is indulging in unlawful activity. Legal Action will be taken against person/organization indulging in such activity.


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