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Bluetooth File Transfer

Nokia Series-40 Software
Campatible Nokia Phones

X3 2330 2600 2610 2626 2630 2660 2690 2700 2730
2760 3110 3500 3600 3610 5000 5070 5130 5200 5220
5300 5310 5320 5330 5610 5630 6120 6210 6220 6230
6233 6270 6280 6288 6303 6300 6500 6555 6600 F 6600 S
6650 6700 7210 7310 7500 7510 7610 S 7900 8800 S40
Bluetooth File Transfer

Main features:

Works on almost all phone models with MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1 support, using a single JAR file;
Easy to use, fast and straightforward user-interface (GUI), powered by Medieval GUI system;
Complete touch-screen support with built-in “double click” event implemented;
Shortcut keys improves user usability and speed-up your GUI experience;
Unique fullscreen mode (press [0] key), to remove top/bottom bars and enlarge working area;
Cool and intuitive menu system (press [7] or [MENU] key) to execute extended functionality;
Multiple files and folders selection (press [#] or[*] key), to transfer/delete many items at once;
Select all, Select none and invert selection options available;
Search files rapidly and accurately, on both local and Bluetooth filesystems, using customisable parameters;
Navigate on both local and Bluetooth filesystem using a single keypress (press [5] or [FIRE] key);
Download/upload items from/to any device with OBEX FTP support (almost on all phone models);
You can also send files using OBEX OPP profile (available on all phone models with Bluetooth);
Ability to cut/copy and paste files between devices and/or to manage local filesystem;
Edit file or folder attributes to enable or disable READ, WRITE and HIDDEN status flags;
Open/view the content of some files using the internal viewer (both local and Bluetooth filesystems);
Powerful internal image viewer with zoom in & zoom out features using a fast and smooth scale filter;
You can open text, image, audio and video files with the internal viewer;
Get files and folders informations on both local and Bluetooth devices;
Create new folders on both local and Bluetooth filesystem;
Rename items or get volume informations (local filesystem only);
You can add or remove a memory storage, without closing the program;
Search for any nearby Bluetooth device and read its informations;
Bookmark list allows you to save your favorite device without searching it again;
Very long file and folder names are scrolled on the screen using marquee technique;
Integrated help system that shows the “A-B-C” of this product;
Built-in error system with detailed explanation message;
Signed with both VeriSign and Thawte certificates;
Multi-language user interface.



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