Sep 5, 2015

Nokia 225 RM-1011 Latest Flash File Download

Nokia 225 RM-1011 latest flash file download is available directly for free without waiting. This is the latest version firmware setup available i.e 20.10.11. It is tested as well as good and working software setup. This Nokia basic dual SIM camera phone comes in the BB5 group. Other groups are DCT3, WD2 and DCT4. It contains mcu, ppm and cnt file as well as others to successfully flash it or update it. The mcu is the main software setup file, the ppm is for language and the cnt contains content package and contains wallpapers, games, logos, etc. The mcu in most models ends with mcusw, the ppm ends with an alphabet while the cnt has the words ucp, nai or image in it. To select files, its better to use ini file settings, so that it locates all the files automatically. This file has English, Hindi and other local Indian languages.

All the flash files of this model are of small size file, so it can be downloaded very easily within a few minutes. You can flash any Nokia mobile phone with UFS Micro (HWK) Box, ATF, JAF or Universal box. There are also many other flasher boxes available for flashing this Nokia basic camera dual SIM cell phone. You can also flash or update any Nokia handset with Nokia phoenix service software.

Software Information:

Click below to download the Nokia 225 RM-1011 flash files:

File Name: RM1011 059V5S3 20.10.11 027.vpl
File Size: 4.47 Kb

File Name: RM-1011 IMAGE eMP 059V5S3 care 20.10.11 002.cfg
File Size: 3.1 Kb

File Name: RM-1011 ROM eMP 20.10.11
File Size: 1.89 Mb

File Name: RM-1011 LANG PACK ROM MH eMP 20.10.11 002
File Size: 5.05 Mb

File Name: RM-1011 CUSTPACK ROM MH INDIA IN eMP 20.10.11 002
File Size: 87.77 Kb

File Name: RM-1011 JUMP TABLE MH INDIA IN eMP 20.10.11 002
File Size: 1.15 Kb

File Name: RM-1011 VIVA eMP 20.10.11
File Size: 3.97 Mb

File Name: RM-1011 DS ProductConfiguration 001.xml
File Size: 2.45 Kb

File Name: P12064202dpi600.pcx
File Size: 12.49 Kb

File Name: P12064204dpi600 label layout.xml
File Size: 2.99 Kb

File Name: No SDcard.xml
File Size: 102 Bytes

File Name: MTK open sim.sim
File Size: 6.69 Kb

File Name: RM1011 059V5S3 20.10.11 027.signature.bin
File Size: 3.01 Kb

Disclaimer: Although we always try to give the best and working flash files and firmwares, we do not guarantee the compatibility or accuracy of any of the files. So use them at your own risk!

Caution: Flashing and formatting of cell phone deletes all data like images, ringtones, music, contact numbers, etc. So it is important to take a backup of the data before flashing. Always use an upper or the same version while flashing BB5 mobile phones. Also keep in mind that downgrading the firmware version can create problems. So its better to use the same version or a later version.