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Samsung G3812B Power Problem On-Off Key Ways

Samsung G3812B Power Problem On-Off Key Ways
Samsung G3812B Power On Off Key Button Switch Jumper Ways
Here’s a full solution for a damaged Samsung G3812B ON and OFF key problem. This problem may result to unable the device to turns on but it shows charging indication when the battery charger is being plug-in.

The solution below shows the entire Samsung G3812B On-Off key connection tracks which can be used for easy troubleshooting.
Samsung G3812B not powering ON.
Phone doesn’t turn on and also heats up when even when power is OFF.
Phone turns OFF randomly at any point.
Phone turns Off when you access a particular application.

Reasons of Problems
Charger might be faulty.
Battery might be faulty or water damaged.
Any of the components in that system might be faulty.
Soldering of battery on board connector might be out.
Power IC might be faulty.


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If the Samsung G3812B On-Off key may not work, you can trace its connection line paths as shown on solution above. Just apply a jumper wire if the line track is open or cut.
Check all the components that are surrounding your Power IC, if any of them is found to be faulty then replace it, as if any of the component is damaged then your Power IC won’t turn ON.
If all the above methods fail to resolve your power problems then all you have to do is to gently heat your Power IC with the help of a heat blower, if it fails to perform then re-ball and re-fix the IC.
If heating or re-balling of Power IC doesn’t do any good to you then replace your Power IC, as there is nothing you can do besides all that.


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