Nov 16, 2015

Walton Primo EM Firmware, Flash Tool, Driver & Upgrade Instruction

1. Install the drivers 2.Open Flash Tool
3. Pac Loading a. Click "Load Packet". (number "a" showed in the image). New window will appear. b. Enter "Primo_EM_software_service+sw" folder and select "Walton_Primo_EM_W533_M00_S04S_150619" file (number "b" showed in the image). c. Click "Open" (number "c" showed in the image)
4. Now Click Firmware Upgrade (Click "Start")
5. Connect The Handset After clicking the "Start", press the volume down key of your handset, and connect it to your computer with USB cable. Remember: Before connecting the handset with your computer, you must turn it off. Also notice that the battery has to be kept inserted. Flash operation will begin, you will see this window:
6. There will appear "Passed". This means it is successful. Disconnect phone, open battery and reconnect again (If non-removable). Enjoy!!