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Micromax AQ4501 Flashing Method

Micromax AQ4501 Flashing, How To Flash Micromax AQ4501

I. Flashing & Servicing must be undertaken by qualified personnel only.
II. Ensure all work is carried out at an anti-static workstation and that an anti-static wrist strap is worn.
III. Use only approved Tools & components as specified in the parts list.
IV. Ensure all components, modules, screws, and insulators are correctly re-fitted after servicing and alignment
V. Ensure all cables and wires are repositioned correctly if Handset disassembled
VI. Electrostatic discharge can easily damage the sensitive components of electronic products. Therefore, Service Centre must adhere the precautions which mentioned above.

Note: This This Model Flashing port is locked, so we need to unlock the port before the flashing

Port Unlock Procedure: 1. Download Driver Installer here Driver Auto Installer

2.Install Driver Auto Installer

3. Browse my computer for driver software

4. Select driver from Driver Auto Installer according to your sytem configuration.

5. After installing the Driver check the device manager for the connected system devices.

6. Install Java from here-

According to your PC (configurations (32bit/64bit), download and install java on your PC.

7. Download ADB Driver from

8. Now Copy ADB_Drivers folder on your desktop and extract it..

9.Now Open CMD ("Press Windows Button + R"> type "CMD")

10.Now type "cd desktop/ adb_drivers" press enter

Unlnlocking the Port:
1. Press“+”and“POWER”,then press“+”,select “FASTBOOT” press“—”to confirm

2. Connect the phone.

3. Under the command of CMD type “fastboot devices” and check connected device

4. under the command of CMD type " fastboot oem unlock " --------fastboot OEM unlock, connect USB cable, see the details on the phone, press "+" button to confirm.

5. CMD input "fastBoot -w", press the Enter key, unlock the phone successfully..

After unlocking the port > disconnect phone> on power OFF condition> Flash phone.

Now Handset Port is unlocked, so go ahead for flashing procedure
1.USB Drivers Installation

Step1: Ensure the battery level is above 50% charged
Step2: Turn OFF the phone
Step3:install the drivers required for flashing
 Run Driver EXE file

 Click on Next

 Please wait for driver’s installation  Below screen may appear, please select Install this driver software anyway please select Install this driver software anyway every time...
  2. Flashing Procedure:
Latest Software must available in system and extract the software file
Open Flash tool SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1352.01 or or latest folder and run Flash_tool.exe

3. click scat-loading

Below screen may appear, please wait till processing complete

Caution: Don’t select other options, Handset may dead with below
 Mota SIU Like
 Format All + Download

Note: If handset flashing not succeeded with with Firmware upgrade Please try ,download only option

 Select Firmware upgrade only and select on Download button
I. Handset must in switch Off condition
II. Insert battery
III. Connect USB data cable 3

After flashing the phone > Lock After flashing the phone > Lock the port again. If we need  do it before locking the port.

1. Press“+”and“POWER” ,then press“+”,select “FASTBOOT” press“ —”to confirm

2. Follow the same steps above to enter in CMD.
3. Connect the phone
4. Under the command of CMD type "FastBoot oem lock" ----------------------------------------------------------------fastboot OEM unlock, connect USB cable, press "+" button to confirm.

5. Disconnect the phone.
Note: After locking> try to flash the phone. The phone should not get flashed....

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