Jul 22, 2016

Nokia 130 Headphone Mode Problem Solution

Nokia 130 Headphone Mode Problem Solution
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If the headset is plug or connected to the Nokia 130 and shows a headset icon or symbol but doesn’t hear anything on the device. This solution below may possibly help to fix the phone, after ensuring that the headset is working fine or already tried using another headset.
Refer to the solution below for it shows the basic and most common parts or components that if damaged will probably result to headset audio failure. This solution provides the location of the components that holds for headset microphone and earpiece speaker circuit components.

Nokia 130 headset no sound can be heard problem solution

If encountered having trouble with headset enhancement such as no earpiece sound or microphone audio signal can be heard on the device. You may first ensure that the headset being plug-in is still working, then proceed to check the headset jack assembly and see to it the it is cleaned and the pins is not misaligned.