Jan 27, 2017

Nokia Lumia 925 Battery Connector Point Problem Solution Jumper Ways

Nokia Lumia 925 Battery Connecter Ways Solution – Today we will discuss about the damage to the battery connector Nokia Lumia 925 is rarely the case, but here we will try to discuss it in a simple way. Damage to the battery connector Nokia 925 can be in the causes for battery connector resold from its place dropped or misuse or corrosion due to exposure to water. To Overcome Here are simple steps to solve the problems on the battery connector Nokia Lumia 925 Android.

Reasons of Problems
Problem might be with your phone’s battery.
Any app might be causing power problems in your phone.
Voltage at battery’s terminal might be lower than the standard voltage.
Phone components might be water damaged.
Power button strip might be faulty.
Circuits might be short.
Power IC may be faulty.

The first step that must be done is to check the lines and resistors are bypassed as shown below, if there is a faulty resistor resold try to replace it.
The second step checks the path as shown below, if there is a path-breaking try to make jumpers carefully and thoroughly, because a small resistor is easily detached and lead to a break point.

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