May 18, 2017

Samsung G360F MMC Memory Card Not Working Problem Solution Jumper Ways

Samsung G360F MMC Not Detected Problem Memory Card Ways

Tips and tricks fix Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G360F can not detect MMC / SD Card, there are several factors that make Samsung G360Fcan not detect MMC / SD card. The first could be because you are installing the MMC / SD car d is less exact in place so that the Samsung SM-G360F you can not detect the MMC / SD card. Factors which could be due to connector MMC / SD Card problematic not detect MMC / SD card. And third, there could be a path MMC / SD card that dropped out of the path, so Samsung G360F are unable to detect MMC / SD card.
Of the that they mentioned above, from the first issue, you ought to carefully in advance the way you install the MMC / SD card, you try to escape the MMC / SD card and replace the MMC / SD card, or you replace the MMC / SD card is new. The second you try to do the replacement SD card connector positive if the connector MMC / SD card Mito T700 Tablets in trouble, before doing the replacement connector MMC / SD card you try to do the check connector MMC / SD card first, positive in case you do any direct issue replacement connector MMC / SD card Samsung GT-S5260 Galaxy Star 2.

Hardware Solution:

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