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GSD Android Tool v1.0.1

GSD Android Tool v1.0.1

2 - Reset Frp Adb Mode
3 - Reset Frp dial Mode
4 - Bypass All Screen Lock In Frp = On Or of and Oem = on Or Of encrypted data partition and uncrypted Need Flash Eng-root
5 - Bypass All Screen Lock In Adb Mode = need Root Access
6 - Bypass All Screen Lock In Twrp Mode = No need Root and More ...
7 - Bypass All Screen Lock In sideload Mode = Custom Recovery Data Modification Method
8 - Bypass All Screen Lock In Sildeload Mode = Custom Recovery Need (encrypted data Partition)

We succeeded in 2014 by modifying the kernel, unlocking the Android device without clearing the data
Then we began mass production of these kernels for each Android device We put the names of these kernels "RvSecuRitY" (Remove Security)
We added the button for making these kernels to this software. you can drop boot.img to input section and get remove screen lock kernel very easy And write it by flasher(Odin, Spflashtool, and more ... ) on the device
This tool unlock all encrypted data partition w/o data loss
This method no need to twrp or root, you just need the orginal boot.img (that you can extract from original firmware)

3 - Full Format Device = Need Root Access
4 - enable Multi Language Samsung = Need Root access
5 - ٍٍEnable Call recording (The main functionality hidden in Samsung.)= Need Root access
6 - Enable Blacklist (The main functionality hidden in Samsung.) = need root Access
7 - ٍEnable Hardware Version In About Phone(The main functionality hidden in Samsung.) = Need Root Access
8 - disable update System Notification = Need Root access
9 - disable Anti-Malware Application Samsung = need Root Access
10 - Enable Camera Shutter (The main functionality hidden in Samsung.)
11 - reboot Device In Normal, download, recovery, Bootloader Mode

13 - Important Read (backup) automatically boot, cache, efs, hidden, param, recovery, system partition = dd backup in Adb Mode Need Root Access

"Read Efs Partition Use Gsd android tool" 

14 - Important Restore (backup) automatically boot, cache, efs, hidden, param, recovery, system partition = dd backup restore in Adb Mode Need Root Access
"Restore Partition Gsd Android Tool"

1 - Read Full Information on Device = Adb Mode
2 - Read Package Name System and Non=system Application = adb mode
3 - Bypass all Screen Lock = Need Adb and Root Access
4 - Full Format Device = adb Mode Need Root Access
5 - Enable Multi Language Htc Devices = adb Mode Need Root Access
6 - Important Get Length and Begin Address For Reset Frp Mediatek Devices (you can unlock Frp by using Length and Begin Address)
"frp reset Mediatek Gsd android tool"
Other Brands > Main Menu
7 - Backup Nvrm Mediatek Device = adb mode Need Root Access
8 - write Nvrm Mediatek Backup = adb Mode Need Root Access
9 - Important
10 - adb Reboot Device To Edl mode, recovery, Fastboot, Normal Mode
"Serial Check Gsd Android Tool"

"fastboot Mode Gsd android Tool"
1 - Read Full Information Device!
"Read Information Android Device In Fastboot Mode"
2 - Read Full Information Hisilicon Devices Emmc
3 - Frp Reset = Need Bootloader Unlocked
4 - Full Format Device = Need Bootloader Unlock
5 - Relock Bootloader Unlocked
6 - Erase Partition Menu (Erase Boot, Recovery, System, Data, cache Partition)
"erase Partition Fastboot Gsd android Tool"
7 - unlock Bootloader menu (Unlock Bootloader Use Code Sony, Huawei and more ... and Unlock Bootloader Htc Device Use Unlock.bin)
8 - reboot fastboot in edl mode, bootloader, RUU, Normal Mode
9 - Flash Single File + Erase (Flash boot, recovery, system, splash, radio, data )
"Flash Fastboot Gsd android Tool"

10 - advanced Menu Flasher (Flash Multi file zip File, Boot, Recovery, Recovery2, system, data, splash, radio, Modem, Cache, cust, Fastboot, Nvme files)
"advanced Flasher Fastboot Gsd Android Tool
1 - Read Full Information System.img File
"Read Full Information System.img Use Gsd Android Tool"
2 - Unpack any System.img 2.3 to 7.x
3 - Repack System Folder 2.3 to 7.x
4 - Convert Sparse Header System.img To 32
5 - Make System.img Flashable In flashers On You Device (Need Root Access)
"Make System.img On Your Device"

1 - Unpack Recovery, Boot.img
"Unpack Kernel Gsd Android Tool"
2 - Repack Unpacked Kernel
3 - Convert File_Contexts.bin To File_Contexts For Repack system Extracted Folder
4 - Important Make RvSecurity Kernel For Bypass All Code = Need Boot.img
5 - Make adb Enabler Kernel = need boot.img
6 - Important make Pre-root Kernel (Chainfire Instructions) = need Boot.img


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