Avator Box User Manual & Installation

Avtar Box User Manual & Installation

when u upgred your box.
then 1st setp.
red and black wire attach.
then connect box with usb .
then check in exigency upgrade
then click upgreade box.

>>> Firmware file: 37,376 Bytes
>>> Port open ok ......
>>> Conjunction box ......
>>> Conjunction box ... ok ......
>>> Files: 146 pages.
>>> Write Box ......
>>> Box Upgrade successful ......

finished ... unplug the usb...un attach red & black wire

still the same.. i try to uninstall the driver, download the setup file again from
install the setup, install the driver, unplug other box, and run the flasher.exe.

scan the port, then upgrade box.... but.. the problem wont go away..

i try to install on my laptop with windows 7 and the problem still the same..

Device manager

Scan port



All user of Avator box need to upgrade your box firmware to use this latest upgrade.

* Download and run Setup latest Version 5.012
* After this in c driver go to C:\Avator Box\Avator-BOX_Firmware1.51\AB-BOX_Firmware1.51
* Run flasher exe
* Press Scan Ports and then Select your box com port

* Then press Upgrade-Box

* After 45 to 60 second your box upgrade done and you able to see Box Upgrade Successful.......

* Now You able to use latest version and also able to see box firmware 1.51 in software at connect time

DOWNLOAD LINK For setup Ver.5.012