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Reset BIOS Password Acer Aspire One

How to reset Bios Password Acer Aspire One

Trick this time of
reset bios password on acer aspire one. Perhaps because of security reasons or other, so you password. But the problem here, when you forget the code. There are also cases where suddenly your laptop when it first onkan asked to enter a password code. Usually, to open the password can remove the cmos battery, or reset it with the tools to remove the password. Sometimes the ways mentioned above are not able to resolve the problem. Well here I will give way to reset the skip … bios password acer aspire one in particular.

The steps to reset the BIOS password:

1. Turn off the laptop, AC Adapter and Battery Off, off the HDD.

2. Open Cassing top so you can see Mainbord, and location of the reset jumper (red box like the picture).

3. Connect the two points using Tweezers or anything that could conduct electricity.

4. Connect the AC adapter into the laptop, then Turn on the laptop by connecting the two points they will remain until the completion approximately 25 seconds.

5. Restart the system. Press the F2 key to enter the BIOS Setup menu (the second point has been removed)

6. If no password request is successful. If you do not succeed, try again starting from scratch …..


Bijendra Narsinghani

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