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LG G4 Firmware

LG G4 Firmware
You must have TWRP 2.8.7+ installed to use these files. Thanks to Dees_Troy as always for that. And, of course, you must have your bootloader unlocked for TWRP to work. Please do not ask if "model x" is supported... did you unlock via LG's official unlock tool? Yes? then you can use it. No? then you can't.


Your options are 100% stock rom or 100% stock rom + root. No customizations here. Rom is odexed. Zip flashable in TWRP.
100% stock untouched system/rom and stock boot.img (kernel + dtb + ramdisk).

Not going to upload a rooted image this time... just a waste of space. Easier to just flash stock/untouched rom then flash the SuperSU zip from Chainfire... or just let TWRP root it (when you go to reset to system, if TWRP detects no root it will ask if you want TWRP to root you).
Latest SuperSu zip can always be downloaded here -
Thanks as always to Chainfire for maintaining SuperSU!

TWRP-Flashable stock extras. If you ever need to restore the modem, boot or bootloader.. these are the files that make it easy.
This is a flashable stock 10A modem.
This is a flashable stock 10A boot.img. Boot.img contains kernel + dtb + ramdisk.
This is a flashable stock 10A bootloader. It contains aboot, factory, hyp, laf, rpm, sbl1, sdi, sec and tz.

Also, all stock images are available from @wolfgart's CODEFIRE DIRECTORY


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