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Samsung E1205 Ringer Ways Solution Speaker Jumper

Samsung E1205 Ringer Ways Solution Speaker Jumper
This is the Samsung E1205 solution for not working IHF or buzzer speaker problem. The solution below provides the connection line paths of the speaker on the Samsung E1205I PCB board.Samsung GT-E1205I Ringer Speaker Track Ways

This solution may help after you already confirmed that the speaker seems working and or already tried replacing it but still you can’t hear any tones, or ringtones on the device.

If already tried to checked the speaker on Samsung E1205I Galaxy Tab and seems it is working but still no audio sounds can be heard on it. This solution may possibly help fix and repair Samsung E1205 No Sounds can be heard on ringtones and hands free loud speaker.
After ensuring that speaker is okay , you may then check or replace the components showed on the solution below. you may also trace the audio signal line paths and check if the line is not open or cut.

Hardware Solution: 

check ringers point after opening the mobile.if ringers point is not working and its value is not right then replace it with new ringer.problem will be solved.if problem will not be solve then check ringers point on board.If there value is not right then check parts and components with there path from above diagram.If some path is missing then apply jumper.If any part and components is not working replace it with new one.
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Samsung GT-E1205I Speaker Solution Jumper Problem Ways Ringer Not Working


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