Nov 2, 2017

Huawei P9 Not Charging Problem Solution Jumper Ways

Huawei P9 Not Charging Problem Jumper Solution
Huawei P9 Charging Ways Charging Jumper Usb Ways Charging Solution Fake Charging Problem
The Huawei P9 problems with charging seem like a common issue with those that own the new smartphone from Huawei. Some of the problems noticed on the Huawei P9 include the Huawei P9 not charging, the Huawei P9 won’t turn on after charging, and the Huawei P9 gray battery problem. Below we’ll get into some of the solutions that you can use to fix your Huawei P9 problems with charging that is causing you a headache.

Some of the other most common causes of the problem of the charger on the Huawei P9 not working may be the following, including the Huawei P9 not charging – gray battery problem: