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iPhone 6 Plus Fingerprint Ways Touch ID Problem Solution

iPhone 6 Plus Fingerprint Ways Touch ID Problem Solution
iPhone 6 Plus Fingerprint Ways Touch ID Problem Solution
iPhone 6 Plus Touch ID Solution Finger Print Scanner Not Working Fingerprint Ways Remove Touch Id
If Touch ID is not working at all on your iPhone 6 Plus, you should check these viable solutions to help you troubleshoot the ill-functioning fingerprint identity sensor with ease.

Apple is one of the most popular companies in the world and Apple products come with innovations. Touch ID is one of them. Apple introduced this fabulous feature for the first time on iPhone 6 Plus. Using Touch ID to unlock your iPhone is faster and effective. When Touch ID not working on iPhone, it can disturb your smartphone activities. Are you having this issue right now? If the answer is yes, try the solutions below.

In the following lines you will get to know about some of the iPhone 6 Touch ID problems that people are encountering:


IPhone 6 Plus is not giving them access to their iTunes account via Touch ID.
Sometimes Touch ID gives users the access to the iTunes account.
Touch ID takes a longer time to authenticate.
Reasons of Problems

There might be dust or dirt particle over Fingerprint Sensor.
Software problem.

Hardware Solution:



Potential Solution

The very first thing that you need to do is to clean Fingerprint sensor gently with the help of a cotton cloth and then retry.
If your iPhone 6 Plus is asking you to enter a password after every 5 to 10 purchases then it is not a problem, as Apple Inc did that on purpose for offering people extra added security. This is surely irritating but is added for the safety of iPhone 6 Plus users.
Update your Software, as Apple has already released their  update which offers a solution of this problem completely. You can update your phone simply by going into:
Software Update

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