May 2, 2018

Nokia 105 RM-1134 Charging USB Problem Solution Jumper Ways

Hey Guys Nokia 105 RM-1134 Charging Ways Jumper Solution For Our Best Technician,Solution For Nokia 105 Charging No Response,Nokia 105 RM-1134 Charging Circuit Short,Nokia 105 Charger Not Supported..So Lets Start
Requirement Tools!
T5 Screw Driver
Mobile Case Opener Tool
Jumper Wire
Soldering Wire
Soldering Iron
First Check Nokia 105 RM-1134 Charging Jack If Charging Jack Have Carbon So Clean With CTC Cleaner Before Tear down De-assemble Nokia 105 RM-1134,If Problem Still Same Then De-assemble Nokia 105 And Check All Related Components Ways Diagram We Explain This Solution Below Circuit Diagram
So Don’t Worry About This So Check Our Nokia 105 Board Layout.