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Download HTC Hero User Guide Manual Tips and Tricks

Download HTC Hero User Guide Manual Tips and Tricks.
in this post i am posting a link of pdf file that will help you to use HTC Hero in this pdf file all tips and tricks are mentioned so that a user can easily use HTC Hero .you can find user guidelines in it.

Hero Manual HTC User Guide & Quick Start Guide Resume

In sub-chapter “phone accessories” you will find the same photo tutorial and just like the one we gave you below. It consists of the elaboration of the body of this PDA phone and its parts and keys. From the side view, front view, bottom view and back view. Along with that you can also learn what the functions of each buttons that are available there. All can be found on page 23 to page 25 of the manual / user of the HTC Hero.

If you already knew what the goal and shot the picture above, now let the tutorial image we captured and uploaded to your discussion below. It was a part of the Guide PDF file (Quick Start Guide / QSG) HTC Hero, that would lead you to the step by step you can open Back Cover Housing and removing the battery from the phone then the SIM card and learn how you can use the bracket (page 5 and 6).

We often found that users who are unfamiliar with Android phone lost on how the clock of the phone to. Although the manual how to use it in the User Manual from, for example, HTC Hero help (on how to use it) can be found under heading Using Clock (this including how to set the alarm, remove the alarm, make description, shaking or repeated) on page 181, they do not understand that at some time to use the Alarm (especially calendar alarm) be logged in to Calendar or other Google mail service from Google with their Google closely the future.

There was a “tutorial” mostly been looking for because of this tutorial is the fastest way to “any problem” with the phone to fix, especially when the phone wrong in setting it got. It was the tutorial on how you can phone (resetting the phone) to reset. For HTC Hero, you can find how to do reset (sometimes called a Master Reset or hard reset) if you read the guide how to do it from page 206 of the PDF manual from HTC Hero.

Hero Manual HTC User Guide & Quick Start Guide PDF Download

Photo below, representing the manual HTC Hero / User Guide of this PDA phone (GSM) is one of ways you can learn how to assemble the battery, place the microSD card and then click Close Back the Cover and how to charge the battery. This is actually the continuation of the image we already gave you under “Manual Resume” Tab. For further reading on this, go to page 5, 6 and 7 of the Quick Start Guide HTC Hero. Remember not to QSG UM / UG!


Bijendra Narsinghani

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