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Download Sony Ericsson W995/W995u/W995a User Guide Manual Tips and Tricks

in this post i am posting a link of pdf file that will help you to use Sony Ericsson W995/W995u/W995a in this pdf file all tips and tricks are mentioned so that a user can easily use Sony Ericsson W995/W995u/W995a .you can find user guidelines in it.

Sony Ericsson User Guide Manual W995/W995u/W99a resume

If you want to know how to use the W995 with GPS as a Driving Assistance to the site or location using Wayfinder Navigator with Voice Instructional (trial) found, use page 55 of the User step by step explanations get. On page 55 you can also learn how Google Maps and Assisted GPS (AGPS) to use.

The photo above shows the picture tutorial on how to install the phone with battery and SIM card and also how the phone’s battery. It can be found under Getting Started section on page 5, 6, and 8 Division Meeting.

For learning and study how this phone as a walkman, you can learn all instructions and tutorial guidance such as using MusicDJ, using the headset, using the Walkman Player and Media Player Keys, PlayNow, and more . All avaialbe Walkman under section on page 25 to page 32 of the User Guide for Sony Ericsson W995.

What about the 8.1 MP camera HD? Just opened page 33 for the start page. To learn how to use the photos or video on the blog or website send, and also how to directly print the photos on the printer (if you want USB cable or Bluetooth to use – if the printer supports Bluetooth using Object Push Profile) you can read on page 37 and 38.

Sony Ericsson W995/W995u/W99a Handbook guide

The picture below that we shared has been a part of the User Guide for Sony Ericsson W995 (or W995u W995a) that you are shown the ways you can use any part of phone numbers and other keys and the functions of their learning. It’s just a very small part of the User Guide, so you’ll be able to fully understand the use of phone features and learn how to use, we recommend the PDF manual that we read below.

User Guide of Sony Ericsson W995/a/u Download | Language: English | Pages: 76 | PDF Size: 4.34MB


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