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New UCT Fusion v1.60 - Pin Define, CPU Detect, PinFind 2nd CPU, Self Check

======= New UCT Fusion v1.60 Released =======

UCT Box New Fusion Software : Give more power to your UCT Box by fusion!!!
UCT Team is proud to present Fusion Software, the latest addition to UCT Box updates.

UCT Fusion Software is ready to download in the support area. Just download, extract and start the fusion reaction

UCT Fusion Software Tutorials:
How to Self Check the UCT Box Hardware

UCT Fusion Software allows to test the UCT and ET-Plus hardware for any technichal problems such as corrupt firmware, bad voltages, low voltages, pinfinder problem or any other small hardware issues.

To Self-Check the UCT hardware:
  1. Disconnect the 24 pin main cable and the handset from UCT Box.
  2. Open the latest software for UCT Fusion.
  3. Press the Self-check button in the side bar.
  4. Now a small window for self checking will pop-up, press Self-check and wait for the test to complete.
  5. After test the software will show you the results for each and every test.

You can now make screenshot of these results and send it to your reseller in case of any problem. This will help in solving the problem with your UCT hardware if u have any.

Tutorial: How to Auto-Detect the CPU type of handset using UCT Fusion Software

UCT Fusion can automatically detect the CPU type inside the handset. This operation is very useful when you are not sure which CPU does the handset have. Most of the handsets in market are either MTK or SpreadTrum based. These are even distributed in handsets with COM connectivity or USB connectivity, this is why we suggest you to try to connect the handset in Auto or USB method.

Steps to Auto-Detect CPU Type with UCT Box:
  1. Connect the handset to UCT Box and open the latest version of Fusion software.
  2. Press Scan in the side bar.
  3. Select Auto and press Chip Sense
  4. Depending on handset, in sometime UCT Fusion will show you the CPU details with the connectivity pinouts.

Tutorial: How to Find the 2nd Pinouts of MTK handset with 2 CPU

Some MTK based handsets have 2 CPUs inside them. Now when we find the pinouts of this type of a handset with a normal procedure, then we are only able to connect to the first CPU. So we can repair only yhe part of the handset which the first CPU is related to.

To fix the second CPU of the same handset, we need to find the pinout of CPU 2 and connect to it. This can now be done with UCT Fusion Software.

Steps to find pinouts of CPU 2 of MTK handset:
  1. Connect the handset to the UCT Box and open the latest version of the Fusion software.
  2. Press "Scan" from the side bar and select "MTK"
  3. Now press 2nd Definition and after that keep press the power button on the handset, just like u do for any other MTK based handset.
  4. In few seconds the UCT Fusion software will detect the pinouts for 2nd CPU and define them.

You can now open the UCT Box Software, select MTK, uncheck Auto Sense and proceed with Flash / Format / IMEI Repair, etc. If you will not uncheck Auto Sense then UCT Box will again find the 1st CPU pinouts rather than the 2nd CPU.

Tutorial: How to use the Pinout Defining Feature of UCT Box using Fusion Software

Q. What is the difference between Pin-Find and Pin-Define ?
A. Pin-Find is to find out the pinouts of the handset. Means which pins are Rx, Tx, Ground, Vcc at the mobile phone connector. Whereas Pin-Define means to write the Rx, Tx, Ground and Vcc to the defined pins at cable.

You have a handset, you want to connect it with UCT Box, but you don't know the pinouts of the handset. Then you need to find the pinouts using the Pin-Find feature.
On the other side, you have a handset which you want to connect it with UCT Box and you know the pinouts of this handset. Then you need to define the handset pinouts to the UCT Box so that you can start working on it. Here you need to use the Pin-Define feature.

Step-By-Step guide on how to use the Pin-Define feature of UCT Fusion:
(In this guide we are using an example to define pinouts of Samsung B319 which uses Samsung E210 Combo Cable)
  1. Connect the handset with the respective cable (20B) to the UCT Box and start the UCT Fusion software.
  2. Press "Definition" in the side bar & select "Standard Mode".
  3. Now according to the Samsung E210 pinouts, we need to define the ground on the pin-1 and pin-2, therefore click on 1 and select "GND". similarly click on 2 and select "GND".
  4. You can set all other pins similarly. Rxd, Txd, Vcc, USB D-, USB D+, etc.
  5. After you are all done, press "Set" on the upper right corner. This will write the command to the UCT Box and pinouts will be defined.

As soon as we click "Set", you can see the USB asking for Samsung drivers, means the cable has been defined and now working as a Samsung USB-Com Combo cable.
You can now open your ET-Plus Software or any other CDMA software to service your handset.

Mirror 1 :
Mirror 2 : UCT_Fusion_v1.60_Beta.rar
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