Sep 5, 2014

Wonder Media WM8650 CPU Firmware By BuntyGSM Mobile Repairing Institute

1:Download firmware from given link

2:Format your MicroSD as FAT32 with default allocation size and Name the card MicroSD.

3:Extract all the files to the MicroSD card without folder put both wmt_scriptcmd and FirmwareInstall directly on MicroSD.

4:Take the MicroSD card out of the PC, and with your Wonder Media WM8650 turned OFF insert the MicroSD card, then press and hold the Power On button for approximately 2 secs, then will then start the upgrade process, once completed remove the MicroSD and let your tablet reboot.

5:Be patient! It will seem to take ages, but mine took about 5-10mins to load the first time.

6:On first time start go to setting and select option touchpanel calibration and calibrate by touch where touchpanel told.

7: last step not least enjoy your mid wm8650 8inch with original latest software :cool-android:

8: say thanksssssss