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Lenovo A319 Charging Ways Problem Jumper Solution

Lenovo A319 Charging Ways Problem Jumper Solution
Lenovo A319 Charging Ways Problem Jumper Solution – USB – Many cases of charging problems on phone, from the charger connector disold corrosion exposed to water and many more. On this occasion we will discuss about the charging path for Lenovo A319
The first step checks the physical condition of the charger connector, whether in good condition or exposed to water corrosion, corrosion indicated when exposed to water, try cleaning it first. If with the clean does not resolve the problem. Try the second step.
The second step checks charger lines as shown below, if there is a path-breaking, do jumpers as shown below. Do it carefully to avoid short. Good luck
If the battery and wall charger seems no problem, have a visual check on battery connector and charging pin connector (DC jack) for possible damaged. Then proceed to PCB board or hardware troubleshooting to continue.

How to fix the path Charging Lenovo A319 For this second step, you have to check the first path via Multi Tester, so you can easily find out a path-breaking or problematic, there are six lines that you must use a multi-tester checks, among which lane V-Charging Ground and for others the path Usb, please check Via multi-tester, the path which still produce voltage and which path to dropping out and not put out voltage lines jumpers must do, if you’ve found all the paths are not problematic and troublesome path, then you just looking for a way path that still produce a voltage drop out and to do jumpers, to facilitate you, below we provide Schema Usb charging Lenovo A319 please open. Lenovo A319 Charging Solution Jumper Problem Ways No Charging Not Supported Lenovo A319,Charging,Charging Problem,Charging Solution,Charging Jumpers,Charging Ways

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