Apr 26, 2016

NEW Smart Phone Flash Tool For MTK Phone or Qualcomm Phone

This tool really awesome for MTK phone or Qualcomm cpu based phone you can use this tool when your device hang on logo problem, restarting issue, pattern lock trouble and in this tool mostly mtk cpu support or Qualcomm if when you first time use and message give on display for update so first do update after use so new feature update or also new cpu added and in this tool new feature of automatically update when you open tool but here impotent of for update must be on internet connection without you can't update or showing message for update in this post i put screenshot of which supported for mtk cpu or qualcomm cpu based in mtk cpu based in this feature update first of firmware upgrade second of Download only Third of Recovery fourth of Download user data or FAT or in Qualcomm cpu of first of Other phones second of  v1(PD 1007) third of  S1(PD1115) fourth of  x510(PD1225)