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Ultimate File Explorer

When you call your application The Ultimate File Explorer the users of your program will have very high expectations. The author promises a lot: "This is the last file manager that you will ever need! The Ultimate File Explorer contains all the essential features that you will ever need in a file manager."

But The Ultimate File Explorer fails on every promise. It's coded in mobile Java, so it starts up horribly slow. Even worse, your phone pops up security warnings each and every time you open a folder, file, or navigate back to where you came from. Some mobile Java programs let you switch off those warnings in Symbian's application manager, but for The Ultimate File Explorer "ask every time" is the best you can get, which makes this file manager useless on all but the oldest phones. Even if you click "yes" on all the warnings, that doesn't mean The Ultimate File Explorer will manage to open all your own, unlocked, supposedly accessible folders. Folders like E:\images and E:\music on my memory card should open easily, but The Ultimate File Explorer chokes on just about everything on my memory card. I tried it on two different phones with two different memory cards, so it's safe to state that the problem is with The Ultimate File Explorer, not with my phones or memory cards.

Another attempt at an alternative file manager is the Python program File browser Modded by Caominh171. This doesn't suffer from the security issues that bite mobile Java programs. Unfortunately the program failed to open on my phones, even though I installed them on the same drive as the latest official release of Python. So I couldn't test if File browser Modded by Caominh171 really opens system folders, RAR archives, and WMV movies as promised by the author.

Until something better comes along, I'll keep managing the files on my phones with ActiveFile and X-plore. These programs are far from perfect, but they're a million times better than The Ultimate File Explorer and File browser Modded by Caominh171.

Compatible With: LG BL20 New Chocolate, LG BL40 New Chocolate, LG CF360, LG GB270, LG GB280, LG GC900 Viewty, LG GD310, LG GD350, LG GD510 Pop, LG GD580 Lollipop, LG GD710 Shine II, LG GD880 Mini, LG GD900 Crystal, LG GM750, LG GS190, LG GS200, LG GS290 Cookie, LG GS500 Cookie, LG GT400 Viewty, LG GT405, LG GT500 Puccini, LG GT505, LG GT540 Optimus, LG GT950 Arena, LG GU230 Dimsun, LG GW300, LG GW520, LG GW620, LG GW820 eXpo, LG GW880, LG GW990, LG GX200, LG GX500, LG KB775 Scarlet, LG KF305, LG KH3900 Joypop, LG KM555E, LG KM570 Cookie, LG KU2100, LG Optimus Z, LG SU420 Cafe, LG SU920, LG Town GT350, Nokia 2220 Slide, Nokia 2700, Nokia 2710 Navigator, Nokia 2720 Fold, Nokia 2730, Nokia 3500, Nokia 3600 Slide, Nokia 3610 Fold, Nokia 3710 Fold, Nokia 3720, Nokia 5000, Nokia 5130, Nokia 5132, Nokia 5220, Nokia 5310, Nokia 5320, Nokia 5630, Nokia 5730, Nokia 6120, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia 6220, Nokia 6300, Nokia 6301, Nokia 6303 classic, Nokia 6303i, Nokia 6350, Nokia 6500, Nokia 6500 Slide, Nokia 6555, Nokia 6600 Fold, Nokia 6600 Slide, Nokia 6600i Slide, Nokia 6700, Nokia 6700 Slide, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 6720, Nokia 6730, Nokia 6760, Nokia 6790, Nokia 7020, Nokia 7100, Nokia 7210 Supernova, Nokia 7230, Nokia 7310 Supernova, Nokia 7500, Nokia 7510 Supernova, Nokia 7610 Supernova, Nokia C1-01, Nokia C1-02, Nokia C2-00, Nokia C3, Nokia C3-01, Nokia C5, Nokia E5, Nokia E51, Nokia E52, Nokia E55, Nokia E63, Nokia E65, Nokia E66, Nokia E71, Nokia E72, Nokia E73, Nokia E75, Nokia E90, Nokia N72, Nokia N73, Nokia N78, Nokia N79, Nokia N81, Nokia N82, Nokia N85, Nokia N86, Nokia N95, Nokia N96, Nokia X2, Nokia X3, Nokia X3-02, Nokia X5-01, Samsung A200K Nori F, Samsung A220 F Nori, Samsung A667 Evergreen, Samsung A687 Strive, Samsung A697 Sunburst, Samsung A797 Flight, Samsung A817 Solstice II, Samsung A886 Forever, Samsung A887 Solstice, Samsung A897 Mythic, Samsung A927 Flight II, Samsung Acclaim, Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT, Samsung B3410, Samsung B3410W Ch@t, Samsung B5310 CorbyPRO, Samsung B5722, Samsung B7300 Omnia, Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO, Samsung B7330 OmniaPRO, Samsung B7610 OmniaPRO, Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani, Samsung B7722, Samsung C3200 Monte, Samsung C3300K Champ, Samsung C3510 Genoa, Samsung C3530, Samsung C3630, Samsung C6112, Samsung Ch@t 322, Samsung Ch@t 335, Samsung Ch@t 350, Samsung Continuum I400, Samsung Corby TV, Samsung E2130, Samsung E2152, Samsung E2330, Samsung E2530, Samsung E2550 Monte, Samsung E2652 Champ, Samsung E2652W Champ, Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung F480i, Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Focus, Samsung Galaxy 551, Samsung Galaxy A, Samsung I100 Gem, Samsung i350 Intrepid, Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5, Samsung I5700 Galaxy, Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3, Samsung I5801 Galaxy, Samsung I6220 Star TV, Samsung I6500U Galaxy, Samsung I7500 Galaxy, Samsung I8000 Omnia II, Samsung I8520 Galaxy, Samsung I8700 Omnia 7, Samsung i8910 Omnia HD, Samsung i897 Captivate, Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, Samsung I9010 Galaxy, Samsung I909 Galaxy S, Samsung Intercept, Samsung M110S Galaxy S, Samsung M130K Galaxy, Samsung M130L Galaxy U, Samsung M210S Wave2, Samsung M2520 Beat Techno, Samsung M3310, Samsung M3310L, Samsung M350 Seek, Samsung M3710 Corby, Samsung M5650 Lindy, Samsung M715 OMNIA II, Samsung M750 Restore, Samsung M850 Instinct HD, Samsung M8910 Pixon, Samsung M900 Moment, Samsung M920 Transform, Samsung Mesmerize i500, Samsung R351 Freeform, Samsung R360 Freeform II, Samsung R360 Messenger, Samsung R520 Trill, Samsung R570 Messenger III, Samsung R580 Profile, Samsung R710 Suede, Samsung R860 Caliber, Samsung R900 Craft, Samsung R910 Galaxy, Samsung S3370, Samsung S3550 Shark, Samsung S3650W Corby, Samsung S3850 Corby II, Samsung S5150 Diva, Samsung S5230 Star, Samsung S5233T, Samsung S5250 Wave525, Samsung S5330 Wave533, Samsung S5350 Shark, Samsung S5530, Samsung S5550 Shark, Samsung S5560 Marvel, Samsung S5600 Preston, Samsung S5600v Blade, Samsung S5620 Monte, Samsung S5630C, Samsung S5750 Wave575, Samsung S5780, Samsung S6700, Samsung S7070 Diva, Samsung S7230E Wave, Samsung S8000 Jet, Samsung S8300 Ultra, Samsung S8500 Wave, Samsung S8530 Wave II, Samsung Smiley, Samsung T401G, Samsung T469 Gravity 2, Samsung T479 Gravity 3, Samsung T669 Gravity T, Samsung T939 Behold 2, Samsung U320 Haven, Samsung U450 Intensity, Samsung U460 Intensity II, Samsung U750 Zeal, Samsung U960 Rogue, Samsung Vibrant, Samsung W850, Samsung W880 AMOLED 12M, Samsung W960 AMOLED 3D, Sony Ericsson 350, Sony Ericsson 705, Sony Ericsson Aino, Sony Ericsson Bravia S004, Sony Ericsson C510, Sony Ericsson C901, Sony Ericsson C902, Sony Ericsson C903, Sony Ericsson Cedar, Sony Ericsson Elm, Sony Ericsson F305, Sony Ericsson G502, Sony Ericsson G700, Sony Ericsson G900, Sony Ericsson Hazel, Sony Ericsson J105, Sony Ericsson Jalou, Sony Ericsson K530, Sony Ericsson K770, Sony Ericsson K810, Sony Ericsson K850, Sony Ericsson S003, Sony Ericsson S302, Sony Ericsson S312, Sony Ericsson S500, Sony Ericsson Spiro, Sony Ericsson T280, Sony Ericsson T700, Sony Ericsson T707, Sony Ericsson T715, Sony Ericsson TM506, Sony Ericsson W205, Sony Ericsson W302, Sony Ericsson W395, Sony Ericsson W508, Sony Ericsson W580, Sony Ericsson W595, Sony Ericsson W595s, Sony Ericsson W660, Sony Ericsson W705, Sony Ericsson W715, Sony Ericsson W760, Sony Ericsson W880, Sony Ericsson W890, Sony Ericsson W902, Sony Ericsson W910, Sony Ericsson W960, Sony Ericsson W980, Sony Ericsson W995, Sony Ericsson Yari, Sony Ericsson Zylo



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