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Apple iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini Retina Disassemble Guide + Video

Apple iPad Mini 2 / iPad Mini Retina Disassemble Guide + Video
If you need to take apart your new iPad Mini 2, this is an arduous job – Apple devices are some of the most difficult to take apart, simply because they don’t want you to! With our guide and video, we can help you achieve this task, making it possible to replace cracked screens, or other fixes that may cost a lot of money to do. Please note, before attempting, make sure you are sure about the instructions and that opening your device may invalidate the warranty you may have.
Apple iPad Mini 2/Apple iPad Mini Retina Disassembly Instructions:
1) Power down the device. Make sure it’s off.
2) The disassembly begins from the front. As with many devices, the IPad Mini screen is held in with adhesive. You’ll need to use a heat source such as hairdryer to slowly apply heat to the edges of the iPad. Once sufficient glue has been melted, you should be able to use a pry tool and force some separation around it to remove the front.
3) The front glass is very thin and fragile so take care (no so much if you are replacing). Open the screen and fold it out onto the table, as it is connected by ribbon cable.
4) The LCD of the phone is now exposed. You will need to use a Mini Philips Screwdriver to release the screws in the four corners of the device. Again, don’t tear, just let the LCD rest on the table because the ribbon cable will be attached.
5) If you need to change the screen or screen cover (the two most common complaints) you’ll need to get these ready.
6) The rest of the components on the iPad Mini are secured by a metal shield. There are a further seven screws on this plate. Once these are removed the plate can be lifted out.
7) The flex ribbons for the digitizer and LCD display can now be disconnected from the main board. Undo these before taking the screen and cover away.
8) If you need a replacement battery, it will be fully exposed now. There is a ribbon cable attachment to the motherboard as well, so this needs to be undone first.
9) If you are changing the housing, the internal parts need to be disconnected too and transferred to the new housing. View the video for more details.
10) Reassembly is a reverse of these steps.
Here is a video showing the whole process:


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