Dec 25, 2015

iPhone 4S Disassemble Guide

What you’ll need:  Small paperclip, pentalobe screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver, tweezers.

Dismantle Steps:
2. Remove the SIM Card Tray and SIM. A paperclip or other pointed edge should suffice for this job.
3. Remove the two screws at the bottom of the phone. For this you will need a Pentalobe screwdriver. Keep these screws safe.
8. Midway up the phone are two more screws, which houses the EMI shield. Once these are removed, the shield can also be taken out, and disconnected from the main board.
9. The bottom of the phone houses the speaker assembly. Again, remove the two screws and the speaker assembly will be removed.
10.  Above the speaker assembly towards the centre of the phone is a new screw which takes a flat-head screwdriver.  There are two further screws close to this, one to the left and one above.
18. Reassembly is a reversal of the steps given here. Remember to take the utmost care and remember where you put parts that you removed from the phone. An indepth video is given