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iPad Air Disassemble Guide With Video

iPad Air Disassemble Guide
If you want to take apart your Ipad Air by Apple there’s bad news: These are not easy to take apart, and Apple have designed the device to make it as difficult as possible for the Average Joe to take apart, meaning that repairs are more likely to be done by Apple service centres. But the price point of the device means that replacing something like a shattered screen, a smashed screen, or a dodgy button may not be worth it (compared to just buying a new one). If that’s the case, you might well have a stab at attempting it yourself. Here, we’ve got some instructions and a vid to show you how.
Warning: All repairs at your own risk. Opening your device may void any warranty you have.
Apple Ipad Air Disassembly Instructions:
1) Clean the Ipad thoroughly so it’s free of dust. You may wish to have a large space free (also clear of dust).
2) Use a heat source (a hairdryer is OK) and run this around the edges of the screen. This loosens the adhesive holding the front of the screen in place. You may need to heat this for several minutes before anything becomes loose.
3) Once you can sense movement, use a case tool to develop a small gap between the display cover and the frame. Run this around the edge of the whole Ipad to gain separation. Carefully remove the cover. Do not rip, as the digitizer is attached to the main frame. Instead, fold it out of the way.
4) Use a Torx screwdriver (size T4, T5) to unscrew the display. There are screws in all four corners. Do not pull.
5) The ribbon cable for the device lies underneath a metal plate below the display to the centre-right. This has three more screws. Once these are undone, the display assembly can then be removed and put to one side. The digitizer attachment cable lies just next to this and can be unclipped. If you just need a screen/digitizer replacement, this is where you can just reverse the steps.
6) What we have left is the housing and the PCB of the iPad. Do perform a housing change, this is a more complex matter. There are ten screws holding this in place. Once these are released, you can transfer the Antenna ribbon (top, small rectangular box). This is extremely delicate so you’ll need to take time remembering how it goes in, because there is only one way.
7) Clearing this out of the way allows some of the main board components to be accessed. The motherboard is held in with four further screws, and the top also has the cameras (whose cables need to be unhooked). These cables are stuck down with adhesive so may require some force.
8) Methodically work around the device, taking into account the components for the earphone, mic, side buttons and home key.
9) The PCB contains the speaker and charge port components. Note that these cannot be removed until the PCB is separated from the housing. Like the front plate, this is set with adhesive and you may need a heat source for several minutes in order to get access.
Need a video? View here.


Bijendra Narsinghani

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