Nokia 1200, 1208, 1209, 1650 Contents Package Extracting Failed Solution By BuntyGSM

1st Boot: Ok, DCT4, UPP: 2292 [Rh-105] []
2nd Boot: u3_2nd.fia, Ver: 4.79.0
Fl0: 0x01000000-0x013FFFFF,00898872,Int 28F320W18
Algorithm: u3_intel.fia, Ver: 4.80.0
Algorithm Ok, MSID: 84CF7424BCD0977A16E4722B33
Decoded MSID: 3E4EBAE9-008E17B6-A8000000
Encoded FAID: E65D8B8B-180626D0-C6C066DA
IMAGE: rh105_06.000
Area1: 0x01000000-0x0100FFFF Erased, Time: 00:00
Area2: 0x01010000-0x013AFFFF Erased, Time: 00:36
Area3: 0x013B0000-0x013EFFFF Erased, Time: 00:03
Area4: 0x017C0000-0x017EFFFF Out of Chip Bounds
Area5: 0x01FC0000-0x01FEFFFF Out of Chip Bounds
MCU Flashing Completed, Time: 00:19
IMAGE: rh1050_nai6.00mj
Area1: 0x01380000-0x013AFFFF Erased, Time: 00:01
CNT Flashing Completed, Time: 00:01
Extracting Contents Package ...
Init Local Mode Failed
Contents Package Extracting Failed:
Process Failed, Repowering Mobile

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