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POLAR BOX 2 : V2.63 Ready [ Again new HTC android, bb new meps and much more added ]

Hi to all Polar community,
This is the latest Update for PolarBox2 customers.

PolarSuite Update - Version v2.6.3
PandaSuite Update - Version v1.3.6

HTC Phones ( for Android and Windows platform )

[+] New models added :

HTC Vision
HTC Desire Z
HTC Desire Z A7272

[+] Added support for new model
[+] Fixed problem with backups of HTC Ace, Vision and Spade
[+] Improved communication with HTCs Android

Alcatel Phones (MTK platform)

[+] Fixed problem with READ CODES in Alcatel OT-606 and OT-710
[+] Fixed bug in booting process of all Alcatel U7 platform

[+] New Read Codes functions added (no more FLASH for unlock)
[+] Full extended READ CODES (5 level locks readed !!!)
[+] Models added this update (some are NEW) :

Alcatel OT-109
Alcatel OT-710D
Alcatel OT-799
Alcatel OT-802I
Alcatel OT-I898

BlackBerry Phones ( RIM platform )

[+] New 2011 MEPs added (last) :


[+] Added more HOT new MEPs for users !!
[+] For sure, all meps supported actually (best and easy BB code reader)
[+] Process as usual, needs internet connection

[+] Full list of MEPs supported (actually 239 MEPs)

MEP-04103-001 MEP-08209-003 MEP-13710-001
MEP-04103-002 MEP-08209-004 MEP-13928-001
MEP-04103-004 MEP-08318-001 MEP-13928-002
MEP-04104-003 MEP-08395-001 MEP-13988-001
MEP-04104-004 MEP-08448-001 MEP-13990-001
MEP-04104-005 MEP-08448-002 MEP-14052-001
MEP-04104-006 MEP-08589-001 MEP-14052-002
MEP-04104-007 MEP-08881-001 MEP-14074-001
MEP-04546-001 MEP-08882-001 MEP-14074-002
MEP-04598-003 MEP-08918-001 MEP-14074-003
MEP-04598-004 MEP-09004-001 MEP-14150-001
MEP-04598-005 MEP-09070-001 MEP-14260-001
MEP-04626-001 MEP-09149-001 MEP-14260-002
MEP-04626-002 MEP-09292-001 MEP-14896-001
MEP-04938-001 MEP-09292-002 MEP-14896-002
MEP-04938-002 MEP-09292-003 MEP-14896-003
MEP-05277-001 MEP-09292-004 MEP-14896-004
MEP-05277-002 MEP-09292-005 MEP-14896-005
MEP-05277-004 MEP-09292-006 MEP-15159-001
MEP-05277-005 MEP-09292-008 MEP-15159-002
MEP-06041-001 MEP-09293-001 MEP-15326-001
MEP-06041-003 MEP-09625-001 MEP-15326-002
MEP-06041-004 MEP-09625-002 MEP-15343-001
MEP-06041-005 MEP-09667-001 MEP-16272-002
MEP-06041-006 MEP-09690-001 MEP-16272-003
MEP-06041-007 MEP-09747-001 MEP-16272-005
MEP-06041-008 MEP-09783-002 MEP-16352-001
MEP-06041-009 MEP-09783-003 MEP-16419-001
MEP-06041-010 MEP-09821-001 MEP-16472-001
MEP-06041-011 MEP-09821-002 MEP-16826-001
MEP-06068-001 MEP-09821-003 MEP-17232-001
MEP-06068-002 MEP-09917-001 MEP-17483-016
MEP-06259-002 MEP-09938-001 MEP-17490-001
MEP-06259-003 MEP-10073-001 MEP-17568-002
MEP-06423-001 MEP-10129-001 MEP-18601-001
MEP-06424-001 MEP-10129-002 MEP-18637-001
MEP-06424-002 MEP-10129-003 MEP-19322-003
MEP-06529-001 MEP-10129-004 MEP-19877-001
MEP-06529-002 MEP-10129-005 MEP-20099-002
MEP-06530-001 MEP-11016-001 MEP-20099-004
MEP-06530-002 MEP-11139-001 MEP-20099-009
MEP-06810-002 MEP-11139-002 MEP-20166-001
MEP-06810-003 MEP-11139-003 MEP-20454-001
MEP-06811-003 MEP-11139-004 MEP-20669-001
MEP-06812-001 MEP-11139-005 MEP-21545-001
MEP-06812-003 MEP-11139-006 MEP-21878-001
MEP-06812-004 MEP-11246-001 MEP-22793-001
MEP-06813-001 MEP-11246-002 MEP-23361-001
MEP-06813-002 MEP-11414-001 MEP-24124-001
MEP-06814-001 MEP-11414-002 MEP-24409-002
MEP-06814-002 MEP-11534-002 MEP-24660-001
MEP-06814-004 MEP-11534-003 MEP-24660-003
MEP-06814-005 MEP-11534-004 MEP-24667-001
MEP-06849-001 MEP-11534-005 MEP-24667-002
MEP-06849-002 MEP-11534-006 MEP-24667-003
MEP-06893-001 MEP-11534-007 MEP-24667-004
MEP-06899-001 MEP-11534-008 MEP-24723-001
MEP-06899-002 MEP-12186-001 MEP-24723-002
MEP-07321-002 MEP-12209-003 MEP-26594-001
MEP-07484-001 MEP-12209-004 MEP-26900-003
MEP-07484-002 MEP-12209-005 MEP-27488-001
MEP-07484-003 MEP-12209-006 MEP-27501-003
MEP-07484-004 MEP-12209-007 MEP-28240-002
MEP-07484-005 MEP-12209-008 MEP-28364-001
MEP-07484-006 MEP-12488-001 MEP-28555-001
MEP-07484-007 MEP-12565-001 MEP-29080-001
MEP-07705-002 MEP-12579-001 MEP-29318-001
MEP-07705-003 MEP-12579-002 MEP-30218-001
MEP-07722-001 MEP-12599-003 MEP-30218-002
MEP-07722-002 MEP-12622-002 MEP-30638-001
MEP-07722-003 MEP-12907-002 MEP-30669-001
MEP-07723-001 MEP-12978-001 MEP-31845-001
MEP-07723-003 MEP-12980-001 MEP-33006-002
MEP-07723-004 MEP-12980-002 MEP-34723-001
MEP-07723-005 MEP-13188-001 MEP-34870-001
MEP-07723-006 MEP-13188-002 MEP-39371-001
MEP-07723-007 MEP-13188-006 MEP-40488-002
MEP-07754-001 MEP-13188-007 MEP-40954-001
MEP-08209-001 MEP-13188-008 MEP-41468-001
MEP-08209-002 MEP-13188-010
Other general features :

[+] Changed LICENSE for Plastic Users (IMPORTANT !!!)
[+] All Plastic users will need enter in PolarSAT and recalculate again his LICENSE.
[+] Fixed critical bug with LG Qualcomms (Update Needed!!!)
[+] Fixed some bugs inside Suite softwares (Polar, Panda and SAT modules)




Bijendra Narsinghani

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