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Cyclone Box Installer v1.15 Released

- Added READING DCT4+/XGold1 Encrypted Security Code from DCT4+ Based phone (previously shown as Crypted DCT4+) - of course WITHOUT data loss - seems Worlds First

- Added RESET (to 12345) DCT4+/XGold1 Encrypted Security Code from DCT4+ Based phone - of course WITHOUT data loss - seems Worlds First

- Added Reading Full RPL (NPC,CCC,HWC,SIMLOCK,SD,...) from Dead/Downgraded/Security Wrong BB5 Units - seems 1st in world. If phone doesn't power on (Stuck on Nokia logo, or completly dead), you can now dump full RPL file in order to Full Erase your phone and revive it. Software before dumping RPL in Recovery mode, will ask user of doing so. So in any case of reviving downgraded phone is:
1. Create RPL from Dead Phone
2. Full Erase
3. Write any SW version
4. Write previously backed-up RPL file
5. Authorize with Super Dongle
6. Write virgin PM

- Added (fixed) NCK Counter Reset for XGold2 based phones
- Security Block is now backed-up before NCK Counters Reset, just in case
- XGold1 Dead units booting fixed
- Separate button for Receiving L7 Code for LBF added
- Fixed DCT4 Security Counter Attempts Reset for some DCT4 variants
- PMM Management Tab added to BB5 Security Tab

- Auto-Imei RESTORE added. Used if you have corrupted your imei, but having valid NPC file. Will scan Stored Files for CRT file matching with CMT Public ID and automatically write it.
- Added DCC camera Hardware Fault alert on DCC repair - some units is hardware fault and repair is not possible (DCC file not found)
- XGold1 PMM parsing fixed (While reading LBF, Simlock table not found for some operators/phones)
- XGold2 Flashing problems fixed (Invalid pointer)
- USB transactions module rewritten
- Full Erase button added for BB5 mobiles. No need to know FlashChip mapping and size - it's scanned automaticlly. It will erase CMT flash completely. Make sure RPL and PM is readed before erase!!!

- Added "Just NPC" option used with "Erase Certificates". Used to delete only NPC certificate (corrupt IMEI and switch phone-on to make necessary job ... with IMEI corrupted phone will switch on even without valid security area). You can use this function to dump PM from non-working phone. Don't forget to CREATE RPL FROM PHONE first! Else you will get corrupted IMEI.
- "Force Use Server" added for SX4 Authorization.
- Fixed Auto Selecting bug
- Fixed problem with parsing DCT4 variants when no DCT4 products installed
- Fixed problem with parsing BB5 variants when no BB5 products installed
- Index out of bound (0) fixed
- Plain RPL is checked now by default
- Removed "Bootloader upgrade problem" message, as caused too much confusion
- Security Problem #1 and #2 Fixed (anti-idiot-fix)
- Added additional Security Problem #5 message for Reinstall Drivers
- Minor changes and bugfixes

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