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Tips installing MXKey 3.5 rev1.1 and UFS HWK Without error.

I've read in this forum so many people complain about their UFS not detected after installing new MXKey soft v3.5 rev1.1, strange error message appear when opening MXKey soft, and soon.
So here i try to share my experience installing MXBox, UFS, and MXKey without problem.

I installed MXKey v3.5 rev1.1 on 2 PC. On 1st PC i use HTIBox and HWKBox, and in the other PC i use UFS Tornado and MXKey dongle.

Here is the step installing.
1. If you haven't, install HWK Suite latest version ( and update UFS Driver.

2. Uninstall previous installed MXKey software.

3. Go to c:\MobileEx and delete folder. (Make backup for RPL and PM file located in c:\MobileEx\3.5\data\backup)

4. Open Regedit, go to HKLM\software\MobileEx, and delete the registry key

5. Go to HKCU\software\MobileEx, and delete the registry key

6. Restart the PC

7. Install MXKey v3.5 rev.1.1

8. (For HTI User) When Ask for driver, point it to c:\MobileEx\3.5\Data\Drivers\HTI

9. Update HTI Firmware to version 00.17

10. When Firmware update complete HTI will ask for new driver, point it to c:\MobileEx\3.5\Data\Drivers\HTI

11. Run Partial Update for Nokia Service Tool and Blackberry Tool

12. Done, Now MXKey ready to use.

Here is some screenshoot:


Using USF with HTI Box as Smartcard Reader:

Using MXKey Dongle:

In my opinion, so far this is the best update from MXKey Team :

Hope this tip can help you people to solve your problem. Good Luck.


Bijendra Narsinghani

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