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27.06.2011 - MTB NK 2.38.3 setup - SL3 over USB supported

Discussion thread.
Please post here all your problems and recommendations regarding this update.

What's new:

• Unlock over USB for SL3 phones for: Rapido, RapuYama, Rap3v4
• USB read for RPL on RapuYama, Rap3v4 ( certificates, simlock, sx4 (generate if doesn't exist), wmdrm, cmla) - ( ReadImeiBackup button )

Notes on RPL functionality:

On USB full support for rapido is also available, but works on some of the models ( like n97) and is unstable or doesn't work on others ( for certificate read)
Writing through USB: for certificates works fine on RAPU, RAP3V4, works on some rapido (n97)
For serial commands works ok if length of command is small
For large data FBUS needs to be used because Nokia software ( either driver or phone) blocks when it receive large command
We strongly recommend if the phone will be erased after backup, first try to write the RPL to make sure all data was backed up ok, and then

Please note:

Effectively if SX4 is damaged in order to repair it, one must make backup of RPL and then send the backup to phone using 'Write RPL
BB5'. After that MT will be able to authorize sx4.


MTB NK 2.38.3 - Rapid Share
MTB NK 2.38.3 - Mega Upload
MTB NK 2.38.3 - Media Fire
MTB NK 2.38.3 - Hot File


Bijendra Narsinghani

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