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Complete guide to the unlock of SL3 mobiles using oclhashcat-lite

simplified instructions below is for ati amd gpu cards using windows7, 32 and 64bit system only other gpu is not included since it takes years to calculate master code...

1. download and extract to c:\
Download oclHashcat-lite-0.05.7z - hashcat, advanced password recovery

2. download and extract the attached bat file (short-cut to hashcat folder to save time on typing)

3. prepare a command line from readed bruteforce data (refer to attached sample command line and edit with your readed data)

oclHashcat-lite64 96F68C3C9EBE65ACEDFC5D57FF2E7C4EFB23F869:003527100497509600 -1 00010203040506070809 -m 1900 ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1 -n 160 --outfile-format=1 --outfile=352710049750969_COD.txt

red line represents sha (40 digit)
yellow is your imei (14 digit)
violet is your imei (15 digit)
light blue (use oclHashcat-lite64 if using 64bit system, use oclHashcat-lite32 if using 32bit system

or simply run the bat file readed by cyclone in your hashcat folder and voila!!

sample for 32 and 64 bit system below:

4. how to use restore (do not run bat file again or run the command line else lbf will start from 0%) simply use the following restore commands

for Windows 7 64 bit ATI AMD Card

oclHashcat-lite64 --restore

for Windows 7 32 bit ATI AMD Card

oclHashcat-lite32 --restore


5. How to skip scan (can be used if restore bin is deleted or corrupted) use only if you are sure of where your lbf job stopped.

sample below shows how to start or resume scan at 60% you may edit according to what you want just add --pw-skip=60000000000

oclHashcat-lite64 --pw-skip=60000000000


170EC9542B716B72A3FA195C1F320B53A126A95F:003533820 451534800 -1 00010203040506070809 -m 1900 ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1 -n 160 --outfile-format=1 --outfile=353382045153488.txt

Bijendra Narsinghani

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