May 24, 2016

How to factory reset / hard reset Nokia XL

Mobile hard reset steps:

Step 1: First turn off your Nokia XL android mobile.
Step 2: Release any sim card or sd card on your mobile.
Step 3: Press and Hold Vol+ key and Power key 10 seconds.
Step 4: When you see on your mobile screen Nokia logo release only power key, after sometimes you see Android icon then release Vol+ key.
Step 5: You got Android system recovery mode Use Vol – key select wipe data/factory reset and press Power key to confirm.
Step 6: Use Vol- key select Yes — delete all user data and press Power key to Confirm. (Notice: when you select Yes — delete all user data  and press Power key you lost your phone all user data)
Step 7: Wait until complete hard reset, select reboot system now and press Power key.
Step 8: Now your mobile will reboot.
Step 9: Your Android mobile now ok.

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