May 13, 2016

LG Nexus 5 Speaker Solution

LG Nexus 5 Speaker Not Working Problem Ringer Ways
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This solution below shows the connection line paths of the LG Nexus 5 hands free speaker for easy troubleshooting and repair. But to fix a speaker failure, you may first check the speaker using a multimeter to easily confirm if its still working or already damaged. If the speaker is okay, clean the speaker terminal contact pads and locate the components shown on the solution below, then do a check an replacement procedure.
If the speaker is working fine and the terminal contact pads seems okay but still there is no sounds output over it. You may then proceed to check certain components on the LG Nexus 5 PCB board that where the speaker is being connected.

Hints to fix LG Nexus 5 Speaker or Ringer Problem Repair Solution:
Check the speaker assembly for possible damaged and or misaligned. Use a multi meter to check it (How to use Multimeter), replace if already busted.
If the speaker is okay, check and clean the speaker terminal contact pads. Corrosion might weakened and loosen the connection.
Trace the speaker+ and speaker- connection to each certain components where it is being connected.
Check and replace the filter capacitor and resistor components.

Check and ensure first that speaker is working or already tried installing a replacement spare on.
If the speakers were okay, you may then proceed to check those components showed on the solution above.
There are filter coils connected on the circuit, you may first check this components
LG Nexus 5 Ringer Solution Jumper Problem Ways Ringer Not Working
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