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Samsung N9005 Note 3 Touchscreen Problem Solution

Samsung N9005 Note 3 Touchscreen Problem Solution
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 Touch Screen Ways Problem Jumper Solution, Touchscreen Ways.
Samsung N90005 Note 3 Touchscreen Problem Solution
This post is about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 touch screen not working problem solution. If the touch stops working on your phone it can render useless to you so I decided to make this post for those unfortunate people who are having this problem.

Touch panel in Samsung SM-N9005 is not very strong so if too much pressure is put on the phone it can damage the touch screen to the point of it not working at all. If that happens there is no proper way to repair it, you have to buy a new touch panel from the market and replace it with the old one.
If even that does not work then it is possible that your touch panel connector is damaged. The touch panel connector is soldered on the motherboard, change that as well. If by any chance you have damaged the prints of the touch panel I have marked all of its jumper ways in this diagram.

If all track ways is working fine but touch screen is not working. This is the last and finnal step is Re-hot the red marked IC U821 gently. Your problem will solved.
All the above methods will surely solve your problem, but make sure that you check the status of your Touch Screen after every step you perform, as it might be able to solve that problem.

If you have further Questions please leave a comment.
Note: Please note that even though every solution posted on our website is tested by one or more members of our team before posting, but still we do not take any responsibility for any damage it may cause to your cell phones. Use these repairing solutions at your own risk. Thank You.
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