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Samsung S7262 Battery Low Solution

Samsung S7262 Battery Low Solution
Problem- Battery Full Charge But Set Shows 0% This Solution Is Invented By VIJAY2U2 Taken From Gsmforum
Normally Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7262 doesn’t have any problem, however a good number of users have complained that they are encountering battery percent always 0 problem in their new phone. We all know that Smartphone’s batteries aren’t that good, but battery drain and overheating is surely a problem.
In the following lines we will discuss these problems in detail followed by the reasons that might be causing this problem along with the potential solutions.
Phone battery percentage always 0.
S7262 becomes extremely hot during usage.
Not charging problem charging level stuck.

Reasons of Problems
This happens when you use a third part charger to charge your phone. Use original Nokia Lumia charger.
Usage of phone during charging might also be the cause of the problem.
Some heavy apps take a lot of charge and might also contribute in heating up your phone.
Usage of old firmware or the outdated OS also cause this problem.
A good number of apps are running in the background, causing phone to lose charge overtime, this also contributes in heating up your phone.
Outdated apps can also be the reason of this problem.
Your phone battery can also be faulty.

Hardware Solution

Above mentioned methods will surely help you in resolving your Samsung GT-S7262 battery overheating and draining problem, else Apple will surely be able to get this problem resolved for you in the best possible manner.

Bijendra Narsinghani

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