May 5, 2016

HTC Bootloader Unlock


             FULL TUTORIALS

  1. Open a command Prompt: Windows: Start->"cmd" Mac: Applications->Utilities-> Linux: Terminal Type in Command Prompt: Fastboot oem get_identifier_token.
  2. Step2

    You will see a long block of text. Copy and paste this text into the the token field below (in the Windows command prompt: Right Click > Mark > highlight the block of text > Right click to copy. Mac users can use cmd-option to mark and select text.). You will see one of the following two screens: Ref. 6a Ref. 6b When copying the token, start with this line: And end with this line: (Note: Only copy the highlighted sections above. Do not copy the INFO or (bootloader) prefix)
  3. Step4


    Now create account on the site and select Model then Enter token wait Few min you get The email soon From  htc dev Site with
    a Unlock _ code.bin file. Download this attached
    file and copy it in the Fastboot folder and
    follow the steps below :
    Close the command prompt window
    and open it again as before .
    Enter the following line in the cmd :
    fastboot flash unlocktoken
    Unlock _ Code.bin
    In order to unlock HTC
    bootloader, your smartphone will boot
    now and will show you the Unlock
    Bootloader screen . Use Volume Up key
    to select YES . Hit the Power key to
    confirm the process .
    Your HTC One M8 will restart now and
    unlock its bootloader.

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