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Nokia 114 Lcd Ways White Display Problem Jumper Solution

Nokia 114 Full Lcd Ways White Display Problem Jumper Solution
Nokia 114 Display Light Ways Lcd Jumper Solution
Nokia 114 Full Lcd Ways White Display Problem Jumper Solution

If encountered troubleshooting display problem on Nokia 114 like blue screen, white screen, blank or empty screen displays.You must first try to install a new replacement LCD screen module of Nokia 114
and also try to restore or update the flash firmware.

If the above procedures does not fix the display problem on Nokia 114. Refer to the solution below for it shows a quick guide to finding certain components on Nokia 114 that might cause the problem.
Hardware Solution
To fix the dark screen display problem, you may first try to replace or install a new Display screen module, to easily confirm if the LCD’s backlight LED’s were still working or already damaged.
You can also check the LED’s using the multimeter if you can manage without damaging the LCD flex connector.
If the newly installed LCD still shows the same problem and the LED light doesn’t light up, refer to the solution below and locate the highlighted components on the PCB board.

 Nokia 114 LCD Screen Display Problem Solution

Equipment Required
Fine wires

How to Make a Jumper in the Socket Display
Prepare a cable smooth and adjust the length that we will connect its tracks
Heat Tin with solder for attaching fine wires so that it will closely united.
Use a voltage tester to measure the jumper cables.

Tips & Warning
Make sure the jumper cables are connected properly so that it can deliver a good flow.
Make sure that the jumper cables are not connected directly with the other jumper cable.
The only hint of Mobilerdx on how to make a lane jumper socket on the Nokia 114. good luck

Nokia 114 LCD Display IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways LCD Display Not Working
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